Saturday, 18 June 2016

Hundreds of dollars of joy

I had a post ready to publish about how my shopping ban has inadvertently made me more miserly about spending in general, even though I'm still allowed to buy things that aren't shoes, clothes and accessories. 

But on Thursday I spent hundreds of dollars on a holiday (it was a great deal, but still) so I have no claim at all on being a freshly minted skinflint. I'm off to Brisbane for six nights in late July, while Luke is off holidaying in the UK. Yes, that's the trip I'm not going on because I'm short of funds. I did um and ahh about whether I should spend money on a holiday before I finally hit the submit button. I am trying to rehabilitate my savings after all. I won't be spending anywhere near as much as I would if I were going with Luke, but it's still a sizeable chunk of funds. 

But whatever. I want to go on adventure. Adventuring is fun. I've never visited Brisbane apart from a few hours in the bus station 20 years ago, and I love exploring new places. It will take my mind off not going to the UK and missing Luke. And on top of all of that, I am hoping to meet two of my longtime online friends while I'm there.  We've been friends on the interwebs for about 10 years, but have never met in real life. It will be awesome to finally meet them. 

I feel as if i'm trying to justify my spending, but I did say in my previous post I wasn't taking the full on fiscal austerity path because it cuts out many sources of joy and comfort. I've just bought a few hundred dollars of joy and comfort!  

Shopping my closet update

I had a four days off last weekend, the perfect opportunity to do a proper assessment and cull of my wardrobe, but I was lazy and only went through some of my clothes and put aside a small pile of things to go to the charity shop. 

I tried some things on and I still have quite a few clothes that are too small, but I'm not getting rid of them because I have actually been losing weight. Fitting into them isn't just wishful thinking! 

Maybe tomorrow I'll get my act together. Or next weekend. I'm still making an effort to wear more of my unworn or seldom worn pieces though. 

Napping update

I managed a whole weekendthe aforementioned four-day weekend, no lesswithout napping, unless you count dozing in the car on the way home from Healesville on Monday afternoon (I don't).  I had a few late nights in the lead up to that weekend, so I'm surprised I didn't feel more in need of afternoon snoozes.  

But I've blotted my copy book this weekend with a two-hour sleep on Friday afternoon. I did have a headache, but it wasn't so bad that I needed to lie down. I didn't even try to talk myself out of getting into bed for a nap when I got home and I don't feel bad about it either!    

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