Monday, 22 August 2016

Nearly 12 weeks in...

My shopping ban is nearly 12 weeks old now. Three months! It doesn't feel as if it has been that long, which is a good thing. 

Only once - as recently a couple of weeks ago - have I really had the urge to shop. I got my hair done at a salon in the city and I had nothing planned for after that. Once I would have wandered around the shops, and I really felt like doing that on this occasion, but I didn't seriously contemplate setting foot in a shop - or even gazing in the windows. (I was also being prickled by hair from my haircut, so I was keener to get home to change my clothes than I was to buy new ones.)

I have only been in a clothes shop once or twice with a friend since I stopped buying shoes and clothes (back in July). I picked things up off the rack, I looked and admired, but had no real desire to buy. 

One day recently I was bored and sitting in front of my computer, which is a time when I once would have scrolled idly through the new stock and sales pages of fashion websites. I do kind of miss that sometimes. I went to the ASOS site and started looking at stuff, but after browsing only one page I closed it. I felt I couldn't take the risk of awakening the yearning to buy things.

Strangely, I don't seem to be saving money or making much headway on paying off my credit card. I haven't redirected my spending into other 'allowed' stuff, so I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps I'll have to do one of those tedious logs of every cent I spend to see if I can work out why I'm not much better off. 

I'm no worse off, so I suppose that's something. 

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