Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The friend question


I took my holiday to Brisbane last week and don't regret spending the money. I had a wonderful time. I loved Brisbane, the weather was summery and I had fun meeting and hanging out with a couple of my long-time online friends. I was not tempted into any of the clothes or shoe shops (they're much the same as we have in Melbourne anyway).

I took a couple of day trips while I was thereone up to Maleny (among other places) to meet Victoria and another to the town of Dayboro with Gillian. Both trips only fuelled my yearning* for a tree change because they are pretty much the kind of places I envisage Luke and I moving tosmall towns, not too far from the coast, set among lots of trees and abundant nature, an easy drive from a big town/city and with cafes catering to gluten-free types like me. (Victoria and I had the best gluten-free melting moment from a cafe in Maleny that offered an almost entirely gluten-free or gluten-free optional menu.)

Near Dayboro

Despite all the downsides, after those two visits, I still really, really wanted to go bush. 

But then I got back to my real life. I went for dinner with friends on Friday night and somehow only then did it really hit me that I won't be able to do that (with my existing friends anyway) if I'm a hundred kilometres away. Duh, Jayne. 

Not that I catch up with friends on a weekly basis (and nor does Luke). I'm an introvert and a homebody and I don't need a lot of  face time with friends to satisfy my need for social interaction. I'm happy just hanging out with Luke (or alone) at home most of the time (although I realise that might not be healthy).  Neither of us has a vast circle of friends, and not all of them live in Melbourne anyway. 

I might not see them often, but I do enjoy the time I spend with friends. I still really, really want to move to the country, but I need to consider whether possibly even less frequent catch ups with my city friends will satisfy my need for social interaction, particularly in the period when I don't have any country friends.   

* Looks like I've replaced my old yearnings for a new yearning, but wanting a new and better life seems more worthy than wanting a new pair of shoes.  

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